48V 18A Fast Charge Intelligent Battery Charger Support 3 Type Batteries with 2-Pin Connector for Yamaha G19 G22 (12 ft Power Charge Cable)

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  • [48-VOLT 18 AMP CLUB YAMAHA G19 G22 GOLF CART BATTERY CHARGER] - Includes a Powerwise plug for fast and easy charging of all 48 Volt Yamaha G19 G22 golf carts.
  • [ Battery type ] The product is an intelligent battery charger. It has three charging algorithm, which can be selected according to the type of battery: Flooded/wet lead-acid battery, Maintenance free battery, Lithium iron phosphate battery.
  • The product can automatically realize multi-stage charging: constant current, constant voltage, etc.
  • [ Long Life ] 10L0L Golf Cart Battery Charger has multiple protection functions. Equipped with a large heat sink, super heat dissipation function, the charger has a longer life.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure your connection's step is consistent with the following instructions before charging. Otherwise, the charger will not work normally. First, connect the battery charger with the 110V power. Next, After 10 second, connect the battery charger and the plug of golf cart. The manual contains important safety and operating instructions for the charger. Read the entire manual before using charger.

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