48V 18A Fast Charge Battery Charger for Yamaha G29 (Input 110V) with Connector Plug

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  • ?? High-Performance Chip?? As a critical part of this golf cart electric charger, 10L0L 48V 18A golf cart battery charger with international standard IT chip can ensure your fast charge, and it can achieve high output stability, charging faster (18A) and more accurately than conventional chargers.
  • ??Suitable for 3 Types of Batteries?? 10L0L 48-volt golf cart Yamaha G29 charger is s an intelligent battery charger, it has three charging algorithms, Which can be selected according to the type of battery: 1)Flooded/wet Lead-acid Battery; 2)Maintenance-Free Battery; 3)Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. (PLS NOTE: Confirm the BATTERY TYPE before use)
  • ??Safe To Charge & Operate ?? 10L0L Yamaha intelligent battery charger with 5 main protections: over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection,over-voltage protection, Timing shutdown protection, reverse polarity protection, and smart charge mode all make this Yamaha G29 battery charger safe & reliable to operate.
  • ??Intelligent MCU Control Charging?? 10L0L 18A battery charger for Yamaha it can automatically realize multistage charging: constant current, constant voltage, etc. It has multiple protection functions
  • ??Aluminum Housing and heat-dissipation Design??10L0L Yamaha 48V charger made in the high-quality aluminum shell to make this club car battery charger golf cart sturdy and durable to use. The heat sinks on both sides of the golf cart charger Yamaha can achieve a great heat-release effect, greatly extending this golf cart charger's operating life.

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