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Golf Cart Hub Caps: What Do They Do?

by Xue Zhang 15 May 2023

Golf carts come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be tough to find the right hub caps for your cart. In this blog post, we'll take a look at what golf cart hub caps do and how to choose the right one for your cart.

What is a golf cart hub cap?

Golf cart hub caps are a common accessory for golf carts, and they serve an important purpose. Hub caps are typically made of metal or plastic and usually have a lip around the edge. They help protect the wheels on your golf cart from scratches and chips and also give the cart a more finished look.

Hub caps also help reduce the noise made by your golf cart when it's moving. They typically have several small, round holes in them that allow air to flow freely around the wheel bearings. This helps to reduce the amount of noise that your golf cart makes while in use.

How to choose the right hub caps for your golf cart

When it comes to hub caps for golf carts, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, the size of the hub cap will affect the overall look and style of your cart. Second, your choice of hub caps will depend on the type of golf cart you have, for example, a Yamaha Golf Cart, a Gas Golf Cart, and more. Third, make sure to choose hub caps that fit well and are secure. Finally, always clean and store your hub caps properly to maintain their appearance and performance.

What happened when the hub caps were removed from the golf carts?

When golf cart hub caps are removed, observation reveals that the wheel bearings are exposed. The hub caps act as a shield from contact with the wheel bearings and can cause premature wear on the bearings. If the bearings become too worn, they may fail and result in lost power and decreased efficiency. Additionally, if the hub cap is not properly installed, it can pinch or damage the wheel's axle. Therefore, It's important to keep hub caps on your golf carts in order to protect them from damage.


Hub caps are designed to protect the wheel from damage and keep the wheel looking new. Hub caps also reduce air drag and improve fuel economy. Therefore, your golf cart needs this important equipment. If you are interested, 10L0L should be your most reliable supplier.

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