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Dear 10L0L Guests,

This is Yang, 10L0L founder, major in Automobile Manufacturing. The first time I met golf cart was in 2003 when my classmates was engaged in this industry. It seems like golf cart is a kind of new lifestyle. But it was one thing that made me decide to pursue this career. At that time, my classmate was helping American customers customize a batch of golf cart accessories for 1980s vehicles. I was shocked! Cars 20 years ago in China, let alone those repaired, have long been recycled as scrap and turned into molten iron. But my classmate told me: "Americans have a nostalgic feeling. They cherish things with time and stories and are also proud of them. Not to mention cars 20 years ago, cars more than 40 years ago have been collected.". I still cannot believe it.

However, when I helped the customer find several car accessories from the 1980s and let his golf cart, parked in the warehouse for nearly 10 years, to start again, the customer sent me three emails for three consecutive days to express his excitement and gratitude, I understood what a meaningful and valuable thing we were engaged in, which strengthened my determination to regard it as a career. Since then, there have been more and more such stories, and my understanding has become more profound. We have passed 16 years, and we believe that after 100 years, we will still serve your car, even if it no longer belong to you!



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