10L0L Creators Camp

In order to better serve our users and give back to them, we have launched the Creators' Camp.

A place where you can let your talent run wild and turn it into your fortune!

Here you can upgrade your golf cart and have a great chance to win free shipping!

Here you can upload videos about your golf cart and share your daily life!


Event Period: 2023.03.31 - Permanent

Campaign Reward: Upload all our spare parts unboxing videos, review videos, installation and use videos, your own golf cart modifications, upgrades, DIY videos and modification tips, etc. for a chance to win 50%-100% free order!

Activity Rules:

Unboxing video: 15 seconds or less, highlighting our product brands and product details! HD 720P and above are required.

Review video: within 1 minute, highlighting the product brand as well as points, features, etc.! Requirements language profile conditioning clear, HD 720P and above!

Installation video: 3-10 minutes to show the product installation process and installation steps in detail! Requirements highlight the product installation process and language introduction, clear steps! HD 720P and above!