Golf Cart Charger Plug Powerwise Receptacle Kit for Yamaha G19 G22 - 10L0L

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  • Fit Models - Golf cart charger plug receptacle kit fits Yamaha G19 / G22 Electric Vehicles
  • Charger Plug - 48 Volt 2- Pin Charger Handle Plug Replace OEM Part Number: JR1-H235A-00, MAC-M14098, MAC-M1409-80, 9101 BU, LV25 LV, CGR-234P EC, 619 IMC
  • Charger Receptacle - Powerwise Receptacle Replace OEM Part Number JR1-H6181-02, JR1-H6181-02-00, IMC 15876, CDC10-23-00-00
  • Fast Charging - This Yamaha charger plug & socket kit has a faster charging speed and runs more smoothly, improving charging efficiency and use range of the charging device. Easy to install.
  • For Safety - If your charger socket or plug of the Yamaha G19/G22 golf cart has poor contact or the charging speed is very slow or even does not charge, it will not only affect your travel but also cause potential safety hazards. For the sake of safety, it is recommended to replace our new charging socket and plug.

Wiring diagram

Golf Cart Charger Plug Socket Kit Wiring Diagram

Enhance Charging Efficiency:
By upgrading to our Golf Cart Charger Plug Socket Kit, you can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your charging process. The secure and reliable connection provided by our kit ensures optimal charging performance, allowing you to maintain your battery's health and extend its lifespan. Enjoy the convenience of a well-fitted socket that ensures a reliable and efficient charging experience.

Durable and Reliable Construction:
Constructed with durability in mind, our Golf Cart Charger Plug Socket Kit is built to withstand the demands of regular use in golf carts. It features high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Count on this kit to provide you with a durable and dependable charging solution for your Yamaha G19/G22 electric golf cart.

Shop with Confidence at 10L0L:
At 10L0L, we are committed to providing top-quality golf cart accessories that exceed your expectations. Our Golf Cart Charger Plug Socket Kit for Yamaha G19/G22 Electric Vehicles is backed by our dedication to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting a reliable product from a trusted brand.

Upgrade your Yamaha G19/G22 electric golf cart with our convenient Golf Cart Charger Plug Socket Kit. Experience easy and reliable charging. Shop now at 10L0L and elevate your golf cart accessories game.

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