Golf Cart Battery Charger Repair Kit for Club Car 48V Powerdrive 1 & 2 Chargers - 10L0L

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10LOL Battery Charger Repair Kit
  • This listing is for the 3 common parts that go bad on the 48V Club Car Powerdrive 1 (#17930) & Powerdrive 2 (#22110) Battery Charger
  • Includes (1) 15 Amp Circuit Breaker (Fuse), Replaces OEM: CCX8506, 101828701
  • Includes (1) 30 AMP Relay, Replaces OEM: 103414901, 103397901, 101828601
  • Includes (1) Pd2 Rectifier, Replaces OEM: 103517601, 102273501
  • If you aren't sure these parts are the issue with your charger, please contact us prior to purchasing
  • Package include:1x 35A Charger Diode Rectifier,1x Charger Relay,1xCircuit Breaker.(Factory OEM replacement,Perfect Fit,very good for money saving).

Wiring diagram

10L0L Golf Cart Battery Charger Repair Kit for Club Car 48V Powerdrive 1 & Powerdrive 2, OEM# 17930, 22110

Is your charger failing to come on when plugged into cart?

Does your charger have low or no output?

Are you not hearing the usual "clicking sound" from your charger?

Does your circuit breaker trip immediately or several seconds after charger is plugged into cart?

These are all common symptoms that can happen in repairing charger.

Our kit contains all the parts necessary to repair the most common failures of the Power Drive 2 charger.

Replacing the components is very simple:

1. Make sure the charger is unplugged;

2.Remove the cover and take a picture from your cell phone of the wiring so you can replace exactly the same;

3.Remove 1 component at a time and replace with the new one,replace all wires as they were originally;

4.Replace cover and all screws.

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