Golf Cart Adjustable Movable Wiper Contact Switch For EZGO Marathon

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Brand: 10L0L

Fit Type: 1982-1993 EZGO electric models with resistor type systems

Material: Copper

Note: If the wiper contact or speed board contacts have signs of arcing or melting, make sure you check the resistor array. Broken and loose resistors or loose cable connections will cause speed board meltdowns.

Packing list: 1X EZGO Marathon Movable Wiper Contact

Product Size: As the picture shows

part size
One-Year Warranty, free replacements, or refund for any defective accessories Wiring Diagram

10L0L Golf Cart EZGO Speed Control Removable Wiper Contact Switch

10L0L Golf Cart Speed Control Movable Wiper Contact Switch with heat resistant insulated housing, lead insulation, spring and eyelet terminal.

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