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by miiDi 17 Feb 2024 0 Comments
10L0L is a spare parts brand specializing in smart connectivity solutions for golf carts, here are the details of the brand:

1. smart connectivity concept:

10L0L was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA.
The company is committed to integrating smart technology into golf carts to provide a full range of smart connected experiences.
2. cloud-based services and apps:

Provides cloud-based services and apps that enable golf cart users to monitor and control their carts anytime, anywhere via smartphones or tablets.
This includes real-time course information, social media sharing and remote cart control.
3. Artificial Intelligence Navigation System:

An artificial intelligence navigation system is introduced to provide ball cart users with personalized navigation routes and smart driving advice.
The system is able to learn user preferences and provide the best navigation strategy according to the characteristics of different courses.
4. Real-time data analysis and feedback:

Provide real-time data analysis, including information on ball cart performance, energy usage and driving behavior.
Through intelligent algorithms to generate driving reports to help users optimize the use and maintenance of the ball car.
5. Vehicle safety and monitoring:

Integrate advanced safety monitoring system, including vehicle positioning, anti-theft alarm and remote locking functions.
Provides a full range of vehicle security through smart cameras and sensors.
10L0L Connectivity Solutions brings a smarter, more convenient and safer experience to golf carts accessories through intelligent connectivity solutions.
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