10L0L Thanksgiving Days

10L0L Thanksgiving Giveback Membership Day Event

Activity time: Aug.6 - Aug.13

Activity: 15% off all items on the event page, free gift with payment over $100, golf pen holder!

Activity scope: all subscribers and all new users!

Activity Description:

This activity, aims to better serve customers at the same time, the greatest efforts to give back to customers, to promote supply and marketing harmony, positive interaction, long-term stable cooperation purposes, so that customers feel at home!

This activity is rich in products, including nearly 60 products, including golf cart parts, golf cart accessories, golf cart add-ons, golf cart decorative parts and gifts and so on.

Let you really experience one-stop shopping, a discount in the end, buy is to earn! Meanwhile, during the campaign period, if you purchase any product from 10L0L.COM and provide installation video, display video and post it to your own social media accounts, including youtube, tiktok, ins, twitter, pinterest and any other social media channels or personal blogs, bbs, etc., you can enjoy 50%-100% discounts on top of the 15% discount. Enjoy the benefits of 50%-100% discount, action is not as good as action, remember to share it at the first time you receive the goods!

And we have online membership invitation system, join our membership invitation distribution system, not only can the invitee get 10% discount, at the same time, his consumption amount accumulated to the name of the inviter, the inviter can get the invitee 10% of the consumption of cash back. Hurry up to invite your friends to participate and consume!

Participate in the road power: Click Refer&Earn - Enter your Email address - Get your exclusive distribution link - copy invite link Share to your friends, it's ok and it's so cool !

At the same time, we have upgraded our official youtube account https://www.instagram.com/10l0l_official/ to provide more installation service videos to users, to ensure that users receive the product at the same time to solve the user's installation problems, at the same time, we will be on the website of the product installation page to further optimise and upgrade! We will further optimise and upgrade the product installation page of our website!

In short, we in order to better serve customers, from the customer's actual starting point as well as to solve the customer's practical problems on the website for the multi-upgrade, in order to give customers a better shopping experience on the website functional modules have also been partially adjusted, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us, we will also be for the final adoption of the proposal, send a beautiful gift to show their appreciation!

Event Page:https://10l0l.com/pages/thanksgiving-value-sale


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