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5 reasons why golf cart fender flares must be modified

by miiDi 10 Dec 2023 0 Comments

While golf cart fender flares are typically designed to provide added protection and style, there are situations where modifications may be necessary. Here are five reasons why golf cart fender flares might need to be modified:

  1. Tire Size Changes:

    • If you decide to change the size of your golf cart tires after installing fender flares, modifications may be required. Larger tires can result in increased wheel well clearance needs, and the fender flares may need adjustments to accommodate the new tire size without rubbing or interference.
  2. Suspension Modifications:

    • If you've made modifications to the golf cart's suspension, such as installing a lift kit or adjusting the ride height, it could impact the alignment of the fender flares. Modifications may be needed to ensure that the fender flares remain properly aligned with the wheels.
  3. Custom Accessories:

    • Adding custom golf cart accessories, such as new bumpers or side steps, could require modifications to the fender flares. These modifications ensure that the additional accessories integrate seamlessly with the existing fender flares and maintain a cohesive appearance.
  4. Aesthetic Preferences:

    • Personal preferences for the appearance of the golf cart may lead to modifications of the fender flares. Some owners may choose to trim or reshape the fender flares to achieve a specific look or match the overall aesthetic they desire.
  5. Local Regulations:

    • Some regions may have regulations regarding the size and coverage of fender flares on golf carts. If your fender flares exceed legal limits, you may need to modify or replace them to comply with local regulations.

Before making any modifications, consider the compatibility of the fender flares with your golf cart model and any existing modifications. Additionally, consult the manufacturer's guidelines and local regulations. If you're uncertain about the modifications needed or their impact, seeking the expertise of a professional golf cart technician or contacting the fender flare manufacturer's customer support is advisable. Modifications should be done carefully to maintain the safety, functionality, and compliance of the golf cart.

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