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How to Winterizing Your Golf Cart

by 10L0LGCPA 09 Oct 2022 0 Comments

As cold weather is approaching, we start to winterize our golf cart to ensure its longest life. In fact, as long as we have the following items, the cold weather will no longer be the limitation for our winter adventure.

10L0L golf cart accessories

Golf Cart Enclosures -- Keep out the cold

Owning a golf cart enclosure means that you can continue to explore the great outdoors with your beloved family even when the weather is not ideal. It allows you to drive in the wind, rain and cold snowy weather for it will keep out the cold wind and provide you full protection. In addition, the enclosure can also be used as a long-term outdoor storage cover. Therefore, it is a very important accessory for driving outside.


Winter Seat Cover -- Keep the body warm

10L0L winter seat cover set with a nice and warm blanket can trap your body heat, keeping the chill at bay and allowing you to enjoy your winter driving. Just sitting on the winter seat cover, cover your legs with its warm plush blanket and fill the travel mug with your favorite coffee or hot cocoa and have fun.


Golf Cart Drink Holder -- Fits portable propane heater

Propane heating is a budget-saving heating method when you drive in winter, yet it can sometimes lead to accidents for it could easily tip over during travel. In order to avoid accidents, a golf cart drink holder is needed for it provides a snugger fit for the heater. It will bring you more safety while driving.


Golf Cart Tires -- Secure for winter travel

As we all know, the vehicle will be more difficult to move around under the snow and icy conditions. Don't worry, 10L0L golf cart tires (forthcoming up) provide you a smooth and safer ride over snowfall surfaces and add a sense of cross-country. Why not take your golf cart off-road and take a venturesome journey in the wintertime?


Golf Cart Cover -- Better winterize your cart

If you are already carried out the preventative maintenance for storing your golf cart. Here is a recommended item that helps to better winterize your cart. 10L0L golf cart cover with 12 air vents and 3 zipper doors to reduce wind lifting and inside moisture. Its high quantity material can be resistant to tear definitely makes it a good helper for storing your golf cart.

If you’re the type of adventurer that loves golf. Get these items, break out your winter gear and give cold weather golf a try. Conversely, if you want to store your cart better, a 10L0L golf cart cover is essential. Check here for more information!

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