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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 for Golfers

by 10L0LGCPA 26 Oct 2022 1 comment

Once again, Christmas is approaching. Before this joyful season, we start to consider the best gift for our beloved family, friends and the people we care about. The gift-picking task can be a challenge. Here we prepare some thoughtful golf cart gift ideas with the reference budget catalogs for you. Hope it will help you.




A.The Cost-effective Golf Cart Gift $50




1. Mini golf bag pen holder or golf cart clock (Reference price: $35.99)

The pen holder is made by shrinking the golf bag with a certain proportion, including 3 different ink pens, shape like golf clubs. The adorable golf cart clock shows you the date, time and indoor temperature on its mini windshield. Both of them have small details that add to how cute they are. These are the perfect gift ideas for someone who enjoys anything golf.




2. Rearview mirror kit (Reference price: $34.99)

This golf cart mirror kit provides a large clear vision for the driver, allowing you to notice backside cars or objects just by a simple glance. Great clear view, perfect for street legal, bring more safety are the main reasons why it is a nice present for Christmas.




3. Golf cart cover (Reference price: $42.99)



10L0L golf cart cover with UV coating effectively prevents the sunlight from aging the golf cart and ensures many years of use, against scratches and nicks, rain, snow, wind, dirt, tree debris, etc. This durable golf cart cover is a nice gift for your golfer friends.




B.The Practical Golf Cart Gift $50 to $100




1. Armrest kit & armrest covers (Reference price: $50.99) 

This easy-installed armrest kit is a great addition to the golf cart rear seat and the armrest covers add a fresh new look while protecting the armrest kit from daily wear and tear, stains, and scratches. They bring more comfort and safety to the passengers in the back seat. The cup holder design totally frees your hand from holding the drink. Definitely a practical Christmas gift!




2. Golf cart storage basket (Reference price: $69.99-$70.99)

This is an excellent storage basket if you need more space to place your other belongings like paper towels, detergent bottles, or canned goods without taking up a lot of room in your cart. It is easy to install and of good quality.




3. Underglow LED light strip (Reference price: $59.99-$67.99

This 16 modes multi-color lighting strip is a fantastic Christmas atmosphere decoration to create a different look and feel for your cart. Even better, the light can change color with the music of the car stereo.



C.The Fabulous Golf Cart Gift $100




1.Golf cart seat belts kit (Reference price: $91.99)



10L0L retractable sat belt kit offers a simple comfort and protection option, which is the safety feature that many vehicles did not originally have. The retractable design provides a clean, sleek appearance to protect you against injuries and enhance your driving.




2.Golf cart enclosure (Reference price: $140.99-$155.99)



A golf cart enclosure not only protects the interior of the golf cart from rain, sunlight, dust, and other kinds of weather damage but also can be regarded as a golf cart decoration, making the cart more unique and personalized. The best thing is that it allows you to travel on the road no matter it's snowy or rainy! Every golf cart owner will love this amazing present!




3.Golf cart light kit (Reference price: $180.99-$199.99)



Installing a headlight and taillight kit for your cart would be the most basic safety guidelines while operating the golf cart, especially when driving at night. It is also a necessary condition for your cart to be street-legal. Any cart owner will be absolutely delighted to receive the 10L0L golf cart light kit as a Christmas gift.




For more information, check our Christmas Section  

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1 comment

01 Dec 2022 Bill

Looks like you don’t have anything that will fit my 2022 ICON i20. Like your enclosures because they accommodate side mirrors.

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