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Choosing the Right Rear View Mirror For Your Golf Cart

by 10L0LGCPA 09 Oct 2022 0 Comments

golf cart rear view mirror

Are you getting tired of looking at the rearview mirror on your golf cart? Have you ever looked at it and wondered what is actually going on? Is it stuck on something or does it not work properly? If you don't have any rearview mirrors for your cart, you should really consider a package deal that will save you money. Always check your cart first and then think about the type of mirror before you order one. Lastly, always remember that not all mirrors will come with the proper mounting hardware.

Most people are unhappy with their golf cart's rear view mirror because it does not work properly or they cannot mount it to the correct location. Either way, they still want to fix it. That's where a universal golf cart rear view mirror comes in handy. You can find almost any type of mirror in 10L0L category. They are usually of good quality and cost-efficient.

Some universal mounts for mirrors only come with one panel, but these are the easiest to install because there is no need for the mounting hardware to run through the entire width of your vehicle. These also make great economical mirrors because many are made from plastic and don't have any glass whatsoever. You can even find some with dual panes of glass. All of these are available in the common sizes that you would find on most vehicles.

golf cart mirrors

There are also some very nice 5 panel rear view mirrors that will provide you with an increased amount of visibility and will allow you to see more clearly the area behind you without having to turn your body or swing your arms. You will be amazed at how much additional street visibility you receive by installing one of these larger rear view mirrors. 

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