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How to Choose the Right Golf Cart Floor Mats

by 10L0LGCPA 16 May 2022 0 Comments

Golf Carts are known to be reliable and versatile vehicles that are ideal for any golfer. However, driving with a golf cart can get sticky at times due to the wet and slippery grounds. This is why it is important that your vehicle has a golf cart floor mat to keep everything in order and make your driving safe. The golf cart floor mat will help to soak up the moisture. Keep your passengers dry and reduce the chances of accidents on the course.

Golf Cart floor mats protect your original flooring and give you a good dry/wet grip so that you drive smoothly! Silica gel and rubber better meet the needs. Simply lay the floor mat around the pedal groupings and they’ll be securely fit! Will not slide around or become dislodged over rough terrain. Silica gel floor mat produce no VOCs so you won’t have to worry about it stinking up your garage either. Easy to clean. No tools are required, to clean, simply hose and shake off.

Black or grey is suitable for most golf carts. They are also available in different thicknesses to suit your needs. Have special grooves and channels to help distribute weight evenly. The grooves allow air and moisture to escape.

Choose the floor mat that suits your golf cart. They are designed to withstand years of driving and to remain clean even after years of use.

Our ultimate golf cart floor mats are extremely durable.

Golf cart floor mat to help increase the life of your cart. No longer worry about mud, water, or dirt damaging your car’s flooring! Not only do these floor mats protect from everyday wear and tear, also look great with the overall vehicle finish.

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