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How To Convert Electric Golf Cart To Gas ?

by miiDi 26 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Converting an electric golf cart to gas is a complex and potentially costly project that should only be undertaken by individuals with significant mechanical and technical expertise. It involves significant modifications to the cart's structure, electrical system, and powertrain. Here are the general steps that would be involved in such a conversion:

  1. Remove the Electric Components:

    • Disconnect and remove the electric motor, controller, and batteries from the golf cart. This will require disassembling parts of the cart, including the rear body panel and seat, to access these components.
  2. Install a Gas Engine:

    • Acquire a suitable gas engine and associated components, such as a carburetor, fuel tank, exhaust system, and engine mounts.
    • Modify the golf cart's frame or chassis to accommodate the gas engine. This may involve welding or fabricating new mounts and brackets.
    • Install the gas engine in the modified frame, ensuring proper alignment and clearance for other components.
  3. Modify the Drive System:

    • Replace the electric drivetrain with a suitable transmission system for the gas engine. This might involve modifying the rear axle, driveline, and drive belt or chain.
  4. Install Fuel and Ignition Systems:

    • Install a fuel tank and fuel lines to supply gasoline to the engine.
    • Set up an ignition system, including a spark plug, wires, and possibly an electronic ignition module.
  5. Modify the Electrical System:

    • Reconfigure the electrical system to accommodate the gas engine's components, such as the starter motor, alternator, and lighting if necessary.
    • Ensure proper wiring and connections for the new components.
  6. Adjust Suspension and Brakes:

    • Modify the suspension to handle the weight and power of the gas engine.
    • Ensure that the brakes are capable of stopping the vehicle safely at the higher speeds and increased weight.
  7. Test and Tune:

    • Thoroughly test the converted golf cart to ensure that it runs properly and safely.
    • Tune the engine for optimal performance, including adjusting the carburetor and ignition timing.
  8. Compliance and Legal Considerations:

    • Check local regulations and laws regarding modified golf carts. Some regions may have specific requirements or restrictions on gas-powered golf carts.
  9. Safety Considerations:

    • Ensure that safety features, such as seat belts and mirrors, are in place and functional.
  10. Final Assembly:

Please note that converting an electric golf cart to gas is a significant undertaking, and it may be more practical and cost-effective to purchase a gas-powered golf cart if you desire one. Additionally, this conversion may void any existing warranties and could be subject to regulatory compliance requirements. If you decide to proceed, it's crucial to have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience or to seek professional assistance to ensure a safe and reliable conversion.

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