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How to DIY a UTV into a golf cart ?

by miiDi 27 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Converting a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) into a golf cart can be a fun and creative project. Here's a basic guide on how to DIY a UTV into a golf cart:

Materials and Tools Needed:

  1. UTV: Choose a UTV with a suitable size and capacity for your golf cart conversion.
  2. Golf Cart Kit: Purchase a golf cart accessories conversion kit. These kits typically include a rear seat, roof, and other necessary components.
  3. Wrenches and Screwdrivers: For removing and installing various parts.
  4. Power Tools: To speed up the disassembly and assembly process.
  5. Wiring Kit: Depending on your UTV and the golf cart kit, you may need to modify the wiring.
  6. Paint and Finishings: Customize the appearance of your golf cart to your liking.


  1. Remove Unnecessary Components:

    • Strip down the UTV to its basic frame by removing unnecessary components such as cargo beds, utility boxes, and any other attachments that won't be needed for the golf cart.
  2. Install Golf Cart Kit:

    • Follow the instructions provided with your golf cart conversion kit to install the rear seat, roof, and other components. This may involve bolting the new parts onto the UTV frame.
  3. Adjust Wiring:

    • Depending on your UTV model and the golf cart kit, you might need to modify the wiring. Ensure that the lights, indicators, and other electrical components are functional.
  4. Test Drive:

    • Before finalizing the build, take your UTV-turned-golf-cart for a test drive to ensure everything is working correctly. Pay attention to the brakes, lights, and any other modifications.
  5. Customization:

    • Add any additional customizations you desire, such as paint, decals, or accessories. This is your opportunity to personalize your golf cart.
  6. Safety Considerations:

    • Make sure your DIY golf cart adheres to safety standards. Ensure that all lights are working correctly, brakes are in good condition, and the vehicle is stable.
  7. Legal Considerations:

    • Check local regulations regarding the use of modified vehicles. Some jurisdictions may have specific requirements for golf carts, even if they were originally UTVs.
  8. Documentation:

    • Keep documentation of the modifications and any receipts for parts. This might be necessary for registration or compliance with local laws.

Remember that safety is paramount when undertaking such a project. If you're not comfortable with certain aspects of the conversion, seek professional assistance. Additionally, always check and adhere to local regulations for modified vehicles, as they can vary.

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