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How to Make A Golf Cart Street-Legal

by 10L0LGCPA 09 Oct 2022 1 comment

The golf carts are not only suitable for golf lovers, but also good buddies for farm owners and hunting hobbyists. It sure can allow you to travel around the neighborhood in a cozy and practical way. However, you can't operate your golf cart on the roads until it meets all the safety standards of the U.S. federal. Obviously, you can different and upgrade your cart to make it street legal and add a few personal touches to show your unique characteristics. Below is what you need to make your golf cart legal.


Golf Cart Light Kit

An absolute necessity in all cities for riding a golf cart in the evenings is certainly having a fully operational light kit. It is not only a prerequisite for your cart to be on the road legally but also a necessity for safe driving. You need to install the Headlights, Taillights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals as well as Horn for your cart. 

It's dangerous to drive at night without golf cart headlights and tail lights illuminating the road ahead and the reminder function of the turn signals and horn can reduce road accidents. You can purchase the golf cart lighting kit by clicking here.


Golf Cart Windshield

A nice windshield can provide a buffer for you and make your cart become street legal. Without it, you are taking the chance that you may hurt your eyes or your head when you are using this type of vehicle for either business or pleasure. Pick a windshield to protect yourself from the rain, dust and bad weather.


Rear View Mirror Kit

A Mirror kit is a must-have for a street-legal golf cart. The rear view mirrors will allow you to see more clearly the area behind you without having to turn your body or swing your arms and make your driving safer. Installing the rear view mirror to see how much additional street visibility you will receive.


Seat Belt Kit

Installing golf cart seat belts is important because it not only protects you in the event of an accident, it also reduces the chances of spinal cord injuries due to sudden jerks or pulls on the steering wheel. Purchase one to make your ride a lot more enjoyable and safe.


Reflective Stickers

The reflective sticker itself does not emit light but it can reflect light in the direction of the light source. The reflex reflector strips stick on the golf cart mainly serve as a warning to improve the driving safety factor when you are driving at night. Make your steering-legal golf cart safer and cooler.


One-Click Street Legal Kit Package

It may seem like a lot to do to make your golf cart become street legal. Indeed, making your vehicle legally operate on the street takes time. 10L0L offers the One-Click Street Legal Kit Package for your options to help you save time and money! You can choose the right one according to your cart model.

Last but not least, do forget to register your golf cart with a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number, and the cart must be registered and licensed in your state. If you do not get the VIN, even if you have the above accessories, you won't be able to take your cart out on the road legally.                                          

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1 comment

12 Jul 2023 Tiffany Smith

Can you send me a golf cart registration form?

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