Introducing The New Golf Cart Battery Charger

A new and improved golf cart battery charger is here. With a more powerful engine, higher-voltage battery, and an updated look to match other Club Car models, this is one of the brightest days for electric golf car enthusiasts!


Introduction to the Golf cart battery Charger

The Golf cart battery charger is a new addition to Club Car's chargers line-up. The charger is small, compact and easy to use, perfect for golf cart. The Golf cart battery charger is equipped with an AC adapter and a USB port, making it the perfect solution for charging your devices while on the road. The Golf cart battery charger also features a built-in LED light that makes it easy to find in a dark RV.


How the Golf cart battery Charger Works

The Golf cart battery Charger is a new and improved way to charge your electric car. The charger is compact and easy to store, and it can recharge your car in just a few hours.


Benefits of a Golf cart battery Charger

A Golf cart battery charger can be a great addition to your golf cart. Here are some of the benefits:

-5 main protections: over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection,over-voltage protection, Timing shutdown protection, reverse polarity protection, and smart charge mode all make this battery charger safe & reliable to operate.

- Intelligent MCU Control Chargingautomatically realize multistage charging: constant current, constant voltage, etc

-Fast Charge: 20A electric currency output

-Easy Storage: Waterproof and heat-dissipation Design

Add this most powerful golf cart part to your cart and enjoy it now!

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