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What is the Significance of 10L0L or 10LOL?

by 10L0LGCPA 27 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Yesterday afternoon, our whole office is burst into laughter for an interesting misunderstanding. In a thread on Facebook, our customers discussed our brand name is 10L0L or 10LOL. (Click here to read the thread)

10L0L name

We try to explain that but there still is confusion.

10L0L named 10L0L OR 10lol?

Now, we are going to give an answer to each of these questions one by one.


  1. "Is your brand named 10L0L or 10LOL?"

Actually, the middle of our brand name is the number “Zero” instead of the letter “O”. Yeah, we are 10L0L! We totally understand how did people come up with 10LOL Hahaha  By the way, the pronunciation of our brand name is “One hundred double L”.

  1. "What is the significance of 10L0L?"

100 means 100 points in China same meaning as A+ in the US. We hope to pursue excellence, provide 100 points of products and 100% satisfaction of services for each of our customers. 

10L0L named 10l0l or 10lol?

  1. "Do you mind if we call you 10LOL?"

Of course not, it is OK to remember us as “Ten LOL”! We think this is an amazing collision of two cultures and also the great integration of the unique diversities. LOL is commonly known as an initialism for laughing out loud and we hope everyone buys products from 10L0L to get Ten Times Happiness. PS: Thanks LOL, it helped us gain broader exposure and make our brand name easier for everyone to remember. Meanwhile, we have that kind of confidence to make you guys gradually remember us as 10L0L by always providing high-quality products and excellent service for all golf cart lovers.

  1. "What is the implication of your logo?"

In terms of logo design, the earth represents 10L0L products sold globally and our ambition is to provide customers in every corner of the world with 10L0L products. In addition, the overall shape of 10L0L is like a golf cart, representing our infinite love for this field and our development in the golf cart industry. 


Does the above information not clear up your confusion? What else do you want to know about our brand and company? Leave us a comment or message us! We look forward to sharing with you!


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