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What You Need To Know About Golf Cart Switches

by 10L0LGCPA 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments

In this blog post, the author will provide information on the golf cart switches, including types of golf cart switches and the purpose of many switches in the golf cart.


Types of Golf Cart Switches


When it comes to golf cart switches, there are a few different types you'll need to be aware of in your golf carts. The first type is the forward reverse switch. It is a replacement golf cart forward reverse handle with a mounting screw. This type of switch from 10L0L is made of durable plastic, which fits firmly in your hand, enabling easy movement between shifts. In addition, it is easy to install, directly mounted to the forward & reverse switch assembly.


The second type of golf cart switch is the ignition switch. This type of switch fits on most EZGO vehicles with lights. It is responsible for vehicle start-up and controlling the power on/off functions of the vehicle's lights and accessories.


The third type is the brake switch. The golf cart accelerator and brake pedal switch with a jumper harness and activate the brake lights when braking to alert other vehicles to slow down or stop. Moreover, this maximum load of brake switch can achieve 5 Amps.


The Purpose of a Golf Cart Switch


Golf carts come equipped with a variety of switches that serve different purposes. Some switches turn the engine on and off, while others control lights and other accessories. Knowing what each switch does is important for maintaining and understanding your golf cart and keeping yourself safe on the course. The following is a list of all the common golf cart switches and their functions:


1. Gearshift Switch - This switch controls the gear ratio, or how fast the golf cart goes. It's typically located near the driver's seat.


2. Headlamp On/Off Switch - This switch turns on and off the headlamps.


3. Turn Signal On/Off Switch - This switch controls whether the turn signals are on or off.


4. Horn Button - This button sends a horn sound through the golf cart's speakers.


5. Stop Sign Switch - This switch controls whether the stop sign is activated (turns red).




If you operate a golf cart, you must know about the different types of switches available and how to use them. It would be best if you operated the different types of switches properly when driving. If you find some switches responding slowly or not working, it's time to replace them. 10L0L is a reputable manufacturer aiming to provide all types of switches for your golf cart; come to pick them up here if you need them.

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