Where Is The Serial Number On A Yamaha Golf Cart  ?

Where Is The Serial Number On A Yamaha Golf Cart  ?The location of the serial number on a Yamaha golf cart can vary depending on the model and year of manufacture. However, there are some common places to check for the serial number:

  1. On the Frame: In many Yamaha golf cart models, the serial number can be found on a metal plate or sticker affixed to the frame of the cart, typically on the passenger side or near the glove compartment. It may be on the frame near the dashboard area.

  2. Under the Seat: In some models, you can find the serial number on a plate or sticker beneath the golf cart accessories of the golf cart seat, often on the driver's side. You may need to lift the seat to access it.

  3. Inside the Glove Compartment: In certain models, you may find the serial number on the inside of the glove compartment or storage compartment door.

  4. Owner's Manual: The owner's manual that comes with the golf cart may also contain information about the serial number and its location.

  5. Online Resources: If you have the model and year of your Yamaha golf cart, you can contact Yamaha's customer support or use their online resources to help you locate the serial number specific to your cart.

Remember that it's essential to accurately record the serial number for various purposes, including registration, maintenance, and warranty claims. If you're having trouble finding the serial number, consult your golf cart's manual or contact Yamaha directly for guidance on its location.

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