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Why Do You Need Golf Cart Windshields for Your Carts?

by Xue Zhang 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

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Importance of Golf Cart Windshields

Installing golf cart windshields come with the following benefits:

  • Abiding the Federal Regulation

Golf carts come under the category of low-speed vehicles, specifically regulated by the government. In the US, low-speed vehicles must have windshields under federal law, as suggested by the Department of Transportation. Many states have also started bringing their own regulations regarding golf cart windshields. For instance, golf carts in North Carolina should have windshields, among other things like windshield wipers and rearview mirrors.

  • Safety in Quick Driving

Golf cart windshields are also important for safe driving, which is one of the most components of its necessity. When you have a windshield installed, you save yourself from direct sun rays as well as dust and debris. Too much debris is also detrimental to the safety of golf carts, which eventually increases maintenance costs.


Factors to Consider While Purchasing

However, when you have to buy golf cart windshields, you need to keep some important things in mind, including:

1. Material

Golf cart windshields come in different types of material. Most often, you will see them in polycarbonate, acrylic, or Plastic Vinyl Butyrate (PVB) since these plastics are strong enough to endure most of the damage to the windshield. An overwhelming majority of people use acrylic windshields, as they are more scratch-resistant. On the other hand, polycarbonate shields are comparatively less scratch resistant, even though they are more durable than acrylic


2. Types

Windshields for golf carts come in the following types:

  • Winged Windshield

These are the thickest windshields available in the market, boasting maximum endurance. If protecting the cart from extreme weather conditions is your top priority, these windshields are good to go.

  • Fold-Down Windshields

You can easily roll up these windshields, which means that you can fold them vertically to let wind into your cart. These windshields are recommended for those who want to cover only some of the front area of their carts.

  • One-Piece Windshield

Unlike fold-down windshields, they come in one complete product. So, you either put them on or take them down completely. 

3. Size

Golf cart windshields always come in different sizes. Always ensure that you get the right thickness and size for your windshield to avoid any trouble during and after the installation.


10L0L’S Windshields

10L0L’s golf cart windshields are the common go-to for most golf cart drivers. We bring multiple designs and types of windshields for golf cart enthusiasts. Our premium quality windshields made with PVC are strong enough to resist almost any type of crack you face during routine activities. We prefer user experience so much that we have developed windshields with high clarity and better visibility. Since we are doing consistent innovations in our products, you can get both foldable as well as one-piece windshields.




10L0L brings a wide variety of golf cart products to its global customers. We have a huge inventory of quality products, which means that we are the one-stop solution for all golf enthusiasts. Apart from windshields, we have a vast variety of golf cart accessories as well, including golf cart covers and enclosures, seat covers, steering wheels, mirror kit, light kit, seat belts, floor mats, wheel covers, hip resistance, arm sets, etc.

Golf enthusiasts are attached to our products since we do not compromise on quality and provide them with top-notch solutions whenever they need anything. So now contact us or visit our website to refresh your golf carts.


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