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The EZGO RXV Floor Mat: The Best Way To Keep Your Golf Cart In Great Condition

by Xue Zhang 15 May 2023

Keeping your golf cart in great condition is essential for keeping your gear running smoothly. One of the most important pieces of EZGO RXV accessories you can keep clean and free from debris is the floor mat. The EZGO RXV Floor Mat keeps your golf cart floor clean and protected from scratches and dirt, making sure you have a smooth ride every time you hit the green.

What does an EZGO RXV Floor Mat do?

The EZGO RXV Floor Mat is the perfect way to protect your EZGO golf cart's floor from scratches and damage. The mat is made from a durable rubber material that will stay in place while you're driving, and it has a nonslip surface that keeps you from sliding around. Plus, the mat is easy to clean with a hose or vacuum cleaner.

 Where should you buy one now?

The EZGO RXV floor mat is the best way to keep your golf cart in great condition. 10L0L's floor mat is one of the most popular products. Here are some features of its EZGO RXV floor mat:

  1. Premium Material, No Odor, No Fall Apart: We use industry-standard high-density eco silica gel, rubber oil coated, no deformation, no cracking, very durable, also high temperature and UV resistant, and very good for outdoor use.
  1. Embossed Water Channels: The stripe channels could keep water, sand, and debris away, and let your cart floor clean.
  1. Fit Perfect, No Slipping: Our floor mat was cut with laser-measured 3D scanning, has a good thickness, heavy enough to stay well in place, has no slide, no curling up, and snug fit around the cart floor.
  1. Piece Design, Easy to clean: It is very easy to install. Just spread the mat around the floor, no tools are needed; Also very easy to clean. Take it off, spray it with a garden hose, and let it air dry, totally no hassles.



If you're like most golfers, your golf cart is a cherished possession that you take care of and want to keep in great condition. One way to do that is by using an EZGO RXV floor mat. These mats keep your golf cart clean and looking great. Not only are they easy to install, but they also provide a cushion for your feet when you're driving.

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