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Why Seat Belts Are A Must-Have In Your Golf Cart

by Zhiyin Liu 16 Dec 2022

Driving a golf cart in the wrong way can be dangerous, which is why golf cart seat belts are a must-have in your golf cart. Here's what you need to know about them and why they're so important.


Why wear a belt in your golf cart?

Seat belts are a must-have in your golf cart for it is the lifeline of a golf cart. It plays a protective role in the safety of the driver and passengers. When a golf cart is traveling at high speed, if it is involved in a collision or needs to be braked in an emergency, the huge inertia forces generated will cause the driver and passengers to collide with the steering wheel, windscreen and seat back, resulting in huge injuries. When equipped with a seat belt, this can be minimized.

How to wear a seat belt in your golf cart?

When you're driving your golf cart, it's important to always wear a seat belt. Not only will this keep you safe, but it can also help avoid injuries in the event of a collision. Here are some tips on how to wear a seat belt in your golf cart:

First, make sure that your golf cart has a seat belt fit for adult use. This will ensure that you are properly secured while driving.

Second, make sure that the lap and shoulder belts are properly adjusted and installed. These belts should be tight enough so that they pinch your skin slightly when tightened, but not so tight that they cause pain or discomfort.

Third, always wear your seatbelt when driving your golf cart. If you're ever involved in an accident, wearing a seat belt will help protect you from serious injury.

Why choose 10L0L

10L0L golf cart seat belt with bracket kit fits most models like EZGO Golf Cart, Yamaha Golf Cart, and Club Car Golf Cart. We've upgraded our seat belts. Compare to other ones on market, Ours is more Retractable, more Sturdy&Durable and much more Safer, this seat belt kit is great if you have young children riding in the back. Retractable length 42 inches long which can fit most users well. It's convenient and fast to adjust the length as you like.

In addition, they are easy installation. Generally no need for drilling holes, it could clamp onto the seatback frame, just line everything up and tighten the nuts until you have everything set to your satisfaction. All necessary hardware is included.

Finally, for any problems or inquiries about our products, feel free to contact us. We're committed to resolving it for you at our best effort.


Anyone who has ever been driving golf carts knows that accidents do happen. That's why it's important to have a seat belt in your golf cart, not only for your safety but also for the safety of those around you. By wearing a seat belt, you are reducing the chances of being injured in an accident by up to 90 percent. Not only will this save your life, but it can also prevent serious injury or even death to others involved in the accident. Make sure to wear your seat belt every time you hit the green!

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