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Why Golf Cart Light strips Are Useful

by Zhiyin Liu 11 Nov 2022

There are many reasons why your golf cart light strips are important. It can add a fun and interesting aspect to your golf cart and enhances visibility. In this article, read more information about using a strip!


What is a Golf Cart Light Strip?


A golf cart light strip is a small, thin strip of LED lights that can be attached to the roof or chassis of your golf cart. These strips emit a bright light that can a wonderful decoration for your golf cart to create a romantic, cheerful or enthusiastic atmosphere at festivals, birthdays, or anniversaries. They are also useful for other purposes, such as golf cart parades.


How to Install a New Light Strip on a Golf Cart


Installing a new light strip on your golf cart can make your golf cart cooler. Here are four tips for installing light strips on your golf cart:


  1. Measure the distance between the light strip and the golf cart's body. This will help you choose the right size of the light strip for your vehicle.


  1. Use self-tapping screws to attach the light strip to the golf cart's body. Make sure that the screws are long enough so that they don't overlap the edges of the light strip.


  1. Use adhesiveor double-side tapes to attach the light strip. This will keep it secure while you drive.


  1. Test the installation by turning on the light strip and driving around the block a few times to make sure it works properly.


Features of Golf Cart Light Strips from 10L0L


Golf cart light strips are a useful addition to your golf cart. They come in many different colors and styles. Here is the most unique feature of the golf cart light strips from 10L0L:


Multifunctional - This led strips light kit uses an app to control(IOS/Andriod). The name of the app is HappyLighting. The app mainly has the following five functions: Brightness Adjustment / Color DIY / Music Mode / 20 Color Conversion Modes / Timing setting. You can enjoy the DIY process of creating a different atmosphere by adjusting color, brightness, and mode, having more fun.




To conclude, this kind of golf cart light strips from 10L0L fits most golf carts like EZGO golf carts, Club car golf carts, and more. If you're in the market for new golf cart light strips, be sure to check out our selection and find the perfect pair for your needs. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We'll do our best to solve the problem.

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