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Modify your Ezgo lighting system in 3 steps

by miiDi 03 Apr 2023 0 Comments

The golf cart Ezgo is a popular sporting tool, often used on golf courses and recreational areas. As night falls, the lighting system of the golf cart becomes crucial. In this article, we will explore how to modify the Ezgo golf cart's lighting system to make it brighter and more functional.


The first step is to choose the right lighting accessories. There are many different types of lighting accessories on the market, including LED lights, xenon and halogen lights. Considering safety and reliability, we recommend choosing LED lights. LED lights have the advantages of low power consumption, long life and durability, and their radiated heat is also relatively low, making the life of the dome car battery extended.


The second step is to choose the correct lighting layout. The lighting layout of the ball carriage depends on its usage. For example, if the ball car is often driven on busy streets, then a set of headlights and taillights are needed. If the cart is often driven on mountainous terrain, then some high beams need to be added. If the cart is often driven on the golf course, then only one set of headlights is needed. Therefore, you need to choose the right lighting layout according to the usage of the ball cart.


The third step is to install the lights. Installing the lights requires certain skills and tools. If you are not sure of your ability, seek professional help. First, you need to determine the location of the lights. Then, you need to determine the source of power for the lights. The power supply for the cart is 12 volts DC, so you will need to convert the power supply to the required voltage using an appropriate power converter. Then, you need to connect the lights to the power supply. Finally, you will need to test the lights to make sure they are working properly.


The final step is to adjust the lights. Once the installation is complete, you will need to test that the lights illuminate the desired area of the dolly. If needed, you can make adjustments as needed. You can use the shade to adjust the direction of the light to illuminate the road in front of the dome. You can also use the regulator to adjust the brightness of the lights to suit different lighting needs.


In short, modifying the lighting system of your Ezgo golf cart can increase the reliability and safety of your cart. By choosing the right lighting accessories and layout, installing and adjusting the lights, you can make the cart more suitable for night driving and various environments.

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