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Reasons Why You Should Choose 10L0L's Golf Cart Battery Charger

by Xue Zhang 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Golf carts have been around us for quite some time and leaps before anyone imagined the idea of electric vehicles (EV). The quirky small vehicle offers a fun ride and equally cute looks, which is why they are also admired by those who don't even know the basics of golf. However, like any other vehicle, golf carts also demand maintenance to withstand the test of time. A golf cart battery charger plays a central role in its maintenance since golf carts are essentially a miniature version of a full-fledge EV. 


But the use of low-quality golf cart battery chargers results in longer charging times and can even damage the battery, which will lead to hefty repair costs. In worst-case scenarios, a subpar golf cart battery charger can also lead to short circuits; therefore, compromising on the quality and specifications is never advised.


Therefore, how to tell the situation of your batteries and where to buy reliable golf cart battery chargers confuse many cart owners. If you are too have the trouble, the passage will give you some hints.


How to Test Golf Cart Charger

Before venturing out to buy a new golf cart charger, it is important to test your existing charger to diagnose the problems. Testing may sound like technical jargon, but it is quite easy. 


You need a voltmeter that can be purchased online or from any hardware store. The voltmeter will check the charging capacity of the charger. All you need to do is ensure that the clamps are connected to the proper pegs.


Turn on the golf cart battery charger; the voltmeter will start reading out the result as soon as it detects the voltage. The aim is to get a 36 Amp reading which is typical for any golf cart battery charger.


  • If the resulting reading is below 36 Amps, you need to go into diagnostic mode. The most common faults are faulty cables, terminals, or dust that clogged the golf cart battery charger. Look along the cable lines for any potential failure points and glance at the interior for accumulated grime. Always start with the basics, then gradually move on to complex causes.
  • Aside from wiring and dust, fuses are also a common miscreant in a faulty golf cart battery charger; it is just a simple fuse that has blown off to protect the charger from high electricity voltage.
  • The battery transformer works as the core of any golf cart battery charger, which tends to go bad. Whether using a 48V golf charger or a 36V charger, diagnosing a problematic transformer is the same for both--listen to the humming voice; the dampening humming implies the wrong transformers. 
  • Loose ground wire is the major culprit. Tightening it can restore the golf charger's original abilities. 
  • See the liquid inside the battery. If it is not transparent and turns gray or brown, the battery may go wrong. But this diagnosing criterion isn't valid for a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.



The Features of 10L0Ls Golf Cart Battery Charger

Choosing reliable golf cart battery chargers can be a daunting task. However, with 10L0L's golf chargers, you will not need to look further. The brand's chargers are equipped with a host of features that include:


  1. Fast Charging

The high-performance chips integrated into all 10L0L golf cart battery chargers ensure maximum charging speeds but also aids in achieving high output stability. It is quite a leap from traditional chargers that are usually slow to juice up a battery.


  1. Safe charging

In addition to high-performance chips, the brand's golf chargers are equipped with 4-main protections that include over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and a smart charge mode. All these safety measures make the 10L0L golf cart battery charger a reliable choice for our customers.


  1. MCU control

Another proprietary feature is the intelligent MCU control that assists in multistage charging, thereby prolonging the battery lifespan and electronics attached to the cart, upgrading the performance of the golf carts.


  1. Quality materials

Last but not least, the golf cart battery chargers of 10L0L harness quality materials such as an aluminum shell that protects the internals from hard impacts and keeps electrostatic charges away. The beefy heat sink gets rid of extra heat, which will provide higher efficiency and better charging times.



A myriad of golf cart chargers is available nowadays, which makes picking the right option rather tricky. 




10L0L has vast expertise in this field which is evident by the wide range of their product offerings. We are capable of manufacturing thousands of parts and accessories and providing reliable customer services to cater to the various demands of our customers. With 10L0L, you can enjoy a combination of quality and cost-effectiveness, which is incredibly rare. 


For more information about our golf cart accessories and parts, visit our website.


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