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The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Your Golf Cart Shocks

by Xue Zhang 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Golf cart shocks are one of the many components in any vehicle that don't get the attention they deserve. They can not only make the ride comfortable but also stabilize the vehicle and enhance the life of various parts attached directly or indirectly to them.


A Glimpse into Why Worn Shocks Must Be Replaced Immediately

All golf cart shocks are prone to normal wear and tear, irrespective of the brand. Therefore, giving them frequent checks can deter the listing dangers from happening:


Worn-out shocks can result in an unstable ride over bumpy surfaces, making a golf cart susceptible to flipping over. This is especially true for golf carts since they have a higher center of gravity. Also, equipping worn-out golf cart shocks can result in serious injury since the cart won't be able to stick to the ground as firmly as it would have been with a pair of capable shocks.


The Precursors to the Worn Shocks

Though there isn't a specific way to check for worn-out golf cart shocks, there are some tried and tested techniques to judge the health of golf cart shocks. The most common techniques don't require any extensive mechanical know-how; you can tell from the following telltale signs:


  • Excessive bouncing 

Faulty golf cart shocks make the golf cart bounce, especially after passing over an imperfection, which is one of the best ways to distinguish nearly-crashing golf cart shock.


  • Unsafe handling

Worn shocks would always make it hard for you to control the vehicle, especially around bends. Furthermore, the weak front shocks will add difficulties to driving, increasing stopping time by as much as 20%.



  • Have parts hanging and dragging

The third and most obvious indicator is occasional or persistent rattling noise from or near the shocks. The clunking sound can be caused by metal-to-metal contact or when the golf cart shocks bottom out when hitting a bump. Besides, the road debris may crack the shocks or wear down the bushings, leading to abnormal noise. It is generally easier to diagnose such noise-related suspension issues in golf carts since they are battery-driven vehicles, and any abnormal sound easily makes its way to the occupants' ears. 


Guide to Replacing Golf Cart Shocks

After confirming that the shocks need replacing, the next task is preparing yourself for what lies ahead. Don’t worry, you can change your golf cart shocks with the most basic tools and technical know-how. Following is the guide for replacing the rear and front shock absorbers.


  1. Remove the top and bottom shock nuts, though removing the bottom one first is usually the bestway to remove a shock.
  2. After removing the old shock, washers, and the bushings attached, make sure you have new washers and bushings with you since the old ones usually rot over time.
  3. After installing the new bushings and washers on the shock, just put in place the shock and tighten both the bottom and top nuts until the bushings spread to the width of the washers.



Now that we've gone through the process of removing and installing golf cart shocks, one crucial piece remains missing -- sourcing new golf cart shocks.



10L0L provides all kinds of golf cart shocks. Whether you are looking for rear shock replacements or front shock absorbers, we will get your back. The brand caters to the needs of all the golf carts, and you get the added benefit of quick customer service that is ready to answer and rectify any of your queries.


We provide an incredible bang for your buck since we are considerably tied to comprehensive bargain deals. In addition, on the slight chance that our shocks don't fit your golf cart, you can always resort to the after-sale services. With 10L0L, you have an all-in-one solution for your golf cart shocks


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