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The Recommended Golf Cart Lights

by 10L0LGCPA 09 Oct 2022 1 comment

The light is an indispensable part of your road-going use cart. Generally speaking, golf cart owners purchase golf cart light kits for two main reasons: increase its functionality (make their cart street legal) and add more personality. Today we will introduce some types of light kits that are both economical and practical to meet your needs.

10L0L golf lights

Let’s start with the Street Legal Light Kits, that is Headlights, Taillights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals and Horn.

The 10L0L Light Kit can illuminate the entire area where your cart stops, including oncoming vehicles and obstacles on the roads in the vicinity. Moreover, our V3 Light Kit can change colors according to the rhythm of music, you can control it via APP to make your golf cart stand out in the neighborhood and it also adds a lot of functionality to your cart. It is time to check your cart model and purchase one to light up your golf cart!

Next, we will talk about the super cool Golf Cart Underglow LED Light Strip.

Sometimes, you are unable to be seen in low visibility conditions. In this case, you will need a bright underglow light strip. It can illuminate the ground below your cart, so passengers and other drivers nearby know your exact position even under low visibility. The coolest thing is that you can go bold with the color and mode of the 10L0L light strip, its dynamic lighting ensures your vibrant trip. Also, it is a nice Christmas and Halloween decoration to grab attention while the gala parade. Just play your favorite songs and enjoy every beat to the fullest when driving!

The last lighting kit we want to share is the Golf Cart Roof Light.

This bright, clear and economical golf cart roof light is the top choice to increase the overall visibility of the space inside your vehicle and adorn your cart’s interior ambiance. We all agree that small objects once dropped into a dark corner of the cart will be difficult to find, a high-performance roof light can avoid this situation. More importantly, its low power consumption yet is bright enough to make sure you won’t stumble in the dark. Get one and explore the Touch or 10 Min function of the 10L0L roof light!

In conclusion, these three types of light kits are totally worth it and they definitely will make your golf cart stand out. If you need more product details, check here.

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1 comment

30 Jun 2023 Brandon sandlin

Trying to find installation instructions for the golf cart under body glow lights. Does it have a built in voltage reducer or do I need to use the batteries needed to create 12v?

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