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What Year is My Ezgo Golf Cart ?

by miiDi 22 Sep 2023 0 Comments

what year of the ezgo golf cartTo determine the year of your EZGO golf cart, you can usually find a serial number or a manufacturing date code on the cart itself. Here's how you can check:

  1. Look for a Serial Number: The most common way to identify the year of an EZGO golf cart is by locating the serial number.When you find your golf cart year you can to find what's year golf cart accessories fit for it. The location of the serial number can vary depending on the model and year, but it's often found on a metal plate or sticker near the glove box, under the seat, or on the frame of the cart. Once you find the serial number, you can usually decode it to determine the year of manufacture.

  2. Decode the Serial Number: The format of the serial number and how to decode it may vary by year and model, but typically, the last two digits of the serial number represent the year of manufacture. For example, if the serial number ends with "18," it was likely manufactured in 2018.

If you can provide the full serial number or any additional information about the cart, I might be able to help you decode it and determine the year more accurately. However, if you're unable to locate the serial number or decode it, you can also contact EZGO or the manufacturer's customer support for assistance in identifying the year of your golf cart.

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