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Where to Buy Used Golf Carts and Golf Cart Accessories ?

by miiDi 30 Oct 2023 0 Comments

used golf cartYou can buy used golf carts and golf cart accessories from a variety of sources, including dealerships, online marketplaces, specialty stores, and more. Here are some places to consider:

1. Golf Cart Dealerships:

  • Many dealerships specialize in golf carts and offer both new and used options. They may also carry a selection of accessories.

2. Online Marketplaces:

  • Websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace often have listings for used golf carts and golf cart accessories. You can search for items in your local area or have them shipped to you.

3. Specialty Golf Cart Stores:

  • These stores are dedicated to golf carts and may have a wide range of both new and used carts, as well as various golf cart accessories.

4. Golf Courses:

  • Some golf courses sell their older golf carts when they upgrade to newer models. Contact local golf courses to inquire about used carts.

5. Classified Ads:

  • Local classified ads in newspapers or online may feature listings for used golf carts and accessories.

6. Online Golf Cart Forums and Communities:

  • Online forums and communities dedicated to golf carts often have sections for members to buy and sell golf carts and accessories.

7. Golf Cart Manufacturers' Websites:

  • Some golf cart manufacturers offer certified pre-owned carts and may also sell accessories through their websites.

8. Auctions:

  • Auctions, including government surplus auctions, may occasionally feature used golf carts and accessories. Check for local auction events.

9. Local Mechanics and Repair Shops:

  • Some mechanics or repair shops that specialize in golf carts may sell used carts and accessories or have recommendations for where to find them.

10. Dealership Websites: 10L0L

  • Even if you don't have a local dealership nearby, many dealerships have websites where they list their inventory of used golf carts and accessories.

When buying used golf carts, be sure to inspect the cart in person if possible, ask about its maintenance history, and ensure it meets your specific needs. For golf cart accessories, you can often find a wide selection online or at specialty stores, and you should look for items that enhance your golf cart's functionality, comfort, and style.

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