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Getting Golf Cart LED Lights Working in the Dark

by Zhiyin Liu 11 Nov 2022

Golf carts are useful for golfers, and they also come in handy as a form of transportation in the off-season. Golf cart LED lights just make them more practical, and this blog article tells you how to get them working even when it's dark out!


What Are Golf Cart LED Lights?


Golf cart LED lights are a great addition to any golf cart, especially if you plan to drive at night. These lights can be used for a variety of purposes, such as navigation and illumination.


How Do They Work on Golf Carts?


Getting golf cart LED lights working in the dark can be a bit of a challenge. But, with a little bit of research and some good advice, you can get them working perfectly. Here are some tips to help you get started:


  1. First, make sure that you have the correct LED light bulbs for your golf cart. Some light bulbs are specifically designed for golf carts like Yamaha Golf Cart, Gas Golf Cart, and more. While others are generally used. Therefore, make sure to get the right kind of bulb before trying to install it.


  1. Once you have the correct LED light, it's time to install it. Comes with detailed instructions when buying and is easy to install. Generally, golf cart LED lights usually come with an adhesive backing that you can use to attach to the inside of your golf cart. Be sure to line up the LEDs so that they're all pointing in the same direction.


  1. Finally, turn on your golf cart light and test it out! If everything looks good, you're ready to go!


The Functions of Golf Cart LED Lights


When it comes to golf cart LED lights, there are many purposes for using them. For example, you can use them as night-time visibility aids, for when you’re driving in the dark, or simply for adding extra safety while on the road. Here are some functions of golf cart LED lights that you may not have considered:


  1. They can be used as headlights when driving in the dark.
  2. They can be used as emergency lights when needed.
  3. They can be used as warning lights when your golf cart is low on fuel or has failed a safety inspection.
  4. They can be used as decoration on your golf cart, making it more stylish.




If you are looking for a way to upgrade your golf cart and improve its appearance, then you should consider purchasing golf cart LED lights from 10L0L, a global brand of various golf cart parts and golf cart accessories. Our LED lights are easy to install and will add a lot of value to your vehicle. Come to contact us for your ideal golf cart LED lights!

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